Welcome to the Lansbrook Association  payment site.

Total yearly HOA dues for Lansbrook homeowners is $523.12.  Dues are billed in quarterly payments of $130.78 throughout the year and are due within 30 days to prevent incurring finance charges.

You can use the form below to pay via Paypal for a 4% convenience fee or send a check to:


Lansbrook Association

PO Box 381

Piedmont, OK 73078

Please select the option to pay below.  You will then be directed to PayPal to complete your payment.  Late fees and past due balances are included in the options below if they apply to the period you are choosing to pay.   If you would like to pay a balance not listed below, call HOA Services directly.   To  obtain your current balance and/or make a payment at 405-753-0695.

To pay a custom amount use the option below.  You must add 4% for the merchant fee.  The amount received by your HOA will be reduced by 4% and could possibly leave an outstanding balance on your account if it is not included.

Enter your home address and click Pay Now to enter the amount you wish to pay.


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