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Welcome to the Spitler Lake HOA   payment site.

Total Annual HOA dues for Spitler Lake Estates homeowners are $500.00 and is due by February 1st and finance charges are applied each month to outstanding balances.

Pay on-line through PayPal, Venmo, Credit Card, or Debit Card with a PayPal merchant fee of 4.5% included.

Mail Check Payments to:
Spitler Lake HOA
PO Box 381
Piedmont, OK 73078


Custom payments must include the 4.5% merchant fee to receive the full credit you intend to have applied to your account. All payments received will be applied to older balances first. 


Not all past due balances are listed in the options for on-line payments.


Call HOA Services directly to obtain your current balance or pay an amount not listed at 405-753-0695. PayPay merchant fee will still apply. 

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